A New Beginning by Ronald Clark


It’s January 29, 2019. If you would have asked me last year at this time that my life would look like it does, I would have said, “naaaaw”. An ugly, public separation from a woman I spent five years of my life swimming in toxicity. My fault. Her fault. No fault. I learned what I needed to learn and now, I am living a new existence as a better man.

Second semester of grad school started yesterday and I am now engulfed in the toughest semester of my life. My next six months will determine my next 10 years. If I didn’t say ‘yes’ to you already, I won’t be adding anything else to my schedule. Sorry. I have to put me first. Full-time student teaching at Morse High School and two classes on Monday and Tuesday, plus state requirements to get my credential. On May 19th, I will walk across the stage at the University of San Diego with my M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction and my Single Subject Credential in English. I will be a hot commodity, as a black male English teacher. I look forward to landing where I am supposed to land, with Morse as the first choice.

I have stayed off social media since the year started. I left Facebook after a rant that took me a few hours to end. The space I live in now while off social media has been beautiful and enlightening. I seem to have more opportunities now than ever before. And just because you don’t see me broadcasting, does not mean that the work is not being done. I feel like my work is more meaningful now because the focus isn’t on letting folks know what I am doing. It’s about the fact that I’m doing it. For my community, for me. And this is a blessed place to live in.

My mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health are all that matter at this point. I am the best version of myself I have ever been. And I plan on getting and being even better.

Love y’all, appreciate y’all. And thank you for standing by me.

With Love,

Ronald Preston Clark

p.s. Yes, I have started writing my second book. Yes, it will come out on Sept. 11, 2019. Yes… the answer to the last question you have is… Yes =)



For my birthday, I had Nigel Burton of Just Be Dope clothing, put together a special edition ‘Vinnie’ hoodie. It’s the only one of its kind. But after rocking it, folks are now asking for their own (including one woman who literally wants the one I wore that night). So, within the next few weeks, I will be selling some limited edition ‘Vinnie’ hoodies. Stay up to date on the site and you’ll see when they drop. They won’t last long… trust me…

Turning 32 by Ronald Clark

Tonight was amazing. To have some of my favorite people - family and friends - in one place to celebrate my 32nd birthday and the pre-release of 'Vinnie: a love letter' was everything I needed in this moment. Everyone in that room meant something to me in different ways and I am appreciative of them all. The beauty, the love, the support, was heartfelt and genuine. Thank you to all who attended. I can't wait until the big celebration next year... #staytuned

Part of the Proceeds by Ronald Clark

Part of the proceeds from ‘Vinnie: a love letter’ will go towards a scholarship fund for black male high school seniors in the Diamond District/Southeast San Diego who will attend community college or a four-year university. 'Vinnie' has always been bigger than me and my family/community sent me to college. I know what it means to have that support. I want to give some of that support back to a young man trying to move forward with his education. The more books we sell, the more we can put back into our youth.

Brothas with ties by Ronald Clark

Brothas with Ties was a beautiful event today. There were workshops, a keynote speaker and every young man learned to tie a tie from one of the 20+ men in attendance. Every young man left with free ties and a minimum of two books. All the books given out today were possible due to all of your donations to our literacy fair. This is what it is all about. Very thankful and honored to be one of the members of the San Diego Urban League Young Professionals and to participate in the fourth annual incarnation of this event and my first time participating. Looking forward to what we do in the future. The movement is here #educationsaveslives #literacysaveslives .